Top 10 Supplement Brands UK 2016

Top 10 Supplement Brands UK 2016

Top 10 Supplement Brands UK 2016

Top 10 Supplement Brands in the UK
Understandably we like to keep on top of the who’s who in the Sports Nutrition Supplement Game, and here’s who we think are the big dogs:

1. BSN – the company started in 2001 and at the time of writing has won 35 sports Nutrition awards in the last 6 years! That really does speak volumes for the passion and enormity in the Supplement world. The global brand can be recognised and seen often sponsoring world class athletes such as MMA Super star Connor McGreggor and Olympia bodybuilding star Flex Lewis.

2. USN – standing for Ultimate Sports Nutrition, it is doing a pretty good job at standing up to that name. Sponsoring Athletes such as Pro Fitness model Ryan Terry and professional cyclist Stuart Marais. The company formed in 2000 and is now sold in over 40 countries across the world. Offering products from wellness to Muscle maintenance, building and maintenance.

3. Muscletech – again another globally recognized brand with Sponsored IBBF pros such as Sani Aragon. They have developed 6 series of supplements based on your budget and goals. Formed in 1998 offering a massive range of supplements with Hydroxycut being probably their most popular fat burning product.

4. Muscle Pharm – its often seen on athletes sporting the bright green shortened MP logo. Since bursting onto the scene in 2010 it is rapidly becoming the number one choice for a huge number of sports people and regular trainers. Now popular in 120 countries grwoing.

5. Optimum Nutrition – with the self-acclaimed “number one” whey protein in the world for their Gold standard way we can’t argue its popular! They are huge and pride their selves with quality this is why they have Fitness models such as Steve Cook representing them as well as a huge presence all over the world in health clubs and cafes.

6. Animal Pak – they offer products for Bodybuilders and break down nutrition to the basics offering “stacks” to suit your goals. With a range of stacks for your goals from cutting to adding muscle mass.

7. CNP – A well-established company in the nutrition world and very prominent in the UK. CNP first hit the market in 1998 and by a former Champion Bodybuilder Kerry Kays. Which is always good to know, it started from someone who is involved and competing, not just someone who is good at marketing. Their range is extensive and boasts a huge range of athletes using their range from boxers and world class cyclists. to Olympians!

8. Maxi Nutrition – Having a well-established 7 ranges of products to help athletes add strength, perform better, add muscle mass, weigh management and a wellbeing range. They built their international branding sponsoring Amir Khan and the England Rugby team to name a few. You can also find their products in the high street mega store Tesco, we find this handy for them last minute un-planned emergency supplement needs.

9. Reflex – founded over 20 years ago one of the most recognised brands known for high quality ingredients. Reflex products can easily identified by its iconic black and metallic packaging they offer supplements in all departments.

10. Grenade – another brand that everyone knows and has respect throughout the UK market. Firstly known for its Grenade Fat burners and green container. They have grown their product range to include whey protein and pre work outs. Trusted brand and rapidly growing!

We are proud to offer supplement samples and products from all of the above Brands as well as the up and coming Nutrition companies hitting the UK and world market. We buy and test supplements and bring the best! Packed into one monthly “My Jacked Box”

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