My Jacked Box Affiliate Programme

My Jacked Box Affiliate Programme

Introducing the My Jacked Box Affiliate Programme



After many requests from our loyal customers and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our subscription box affiliate programme.

And the introductory rewards are BIG!

For every person you refer you get £5 cash, yes a fiver!! No tricks or hidden terms. Simply promote your unique link you get when you sign up, and when someone purchases a subscription box from it you will get 5 hard English pound’s in your hand!

So if your a supplement enthusiast, fitness / nutrition professional, athlete internet marketer or regular gym goer, you could be in to make some serious money. There is no upper limit so if 20 people buy from your link that’s £100 pounds you will receive, or 1000 that’s £5k.



Some great ways to promote your link would be to post it:

  • To your friends and groups on Facebook
  • Tweet to your followers
  • Post it on your Instagram
  • Tell your friends family and work colleagues
  • Send it out in a newsletter
  • Write about it in your own blog or website

The opportunities to promote your own traceable link are endless and weve got a good feeling its really going to take off especially if you have friends or family that love to train!

You can sign up here:

Its really simple, you dont have to be a subscriber to our current service. You simply put in your name, email address and password. You will then be given a unique link that tracks all your sales simple!

To register and start making money CLICK HERE

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