Top Herd Protein Beef Jerky

Top Herd Protein Beef Jerky

Decembers Beef Jerky

Last month’s box contained Top Herds Protein Beef Jerky! It’s the first time we have tried it… and WOW!

We absolutely love it! The sweet pickle flavour makes it so moreish its delicious! And we found it has that little bit more extra moisture than other Beef Jerky on the market so it makes it easy to eat!

  • It uses Grass fed beef,
  • its gluten free
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients 
  • 14.9g of Protein per 35g pack.

This is our product of the month for sure! If you didn’t get this month’s box’s don’t worry we have another flavour in next month’s box and you can purchase it here:

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